Engineering universe for building and contracting (EUBC) L.L.C, established in May 1985, classified as first grade contractor by the Ministry of Public works and Jordanian contractors association in the field of building construction, third grade in Electro-Mechanical works,
   Administration considered and in order to acquire different levels of projects, create a new company-Depah construction- be eligible for the completion of special projects and the location positioned to work with international agencies and institutions of foreign companies operating in Jordan, have been working in the projects, the U.S. military and the Agency for assistance Korean, USAID and investment agencies of China's industrial than the richest relations International Company Adapted and to expand outside the Kingdom


Our Mission:
   To achieve an exceptional level of Quality and performance using the following Procedures:
    1. Maximize staff ability & efficiency through training and Incentives
    2. Delegation of responsibilities and authorities
3. Internal checking and follow up.


Projects :

   Hotels, Resorts & Real Estates

   Hard Landscapes Projects

   Infrastructure and Industrial Projects

   Commercial and Residential Buildings





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